First Scotrail Ballot for Industrial Action Rescinded

08 November 2007

Members are advised that the Executive Committee has rescinded the ballot for industrial action after reaching agreement with First Scotrail management based on the following ten points of protection for our members:


  1. All 23 drivers removed from driving in the last 12 months under SOLI procedures, Discipline and Medical ground will be reviewed. This is to ensure all drivers have been treated fairly and placed into the appropriate job.
  2. Jim Walsh, Glasgow branch will be placed into a Depot Drivers position at Corkerhill for a period of 18 months after which it will be reviewed with the intention of Bro Walsh to return to the mainline.
  3. Following operational incidents no driver who is OTR will set in mess rooms more than 3 days.
  4. All hearings with regards to operational incidents will normally be dealt with within 2 weeks unless jointly agreed.
  5. All appeals/reviews will take place within 4 weeks of the original hearing.
  6. The Company Council and senior Train Crew management will visit all depots to explain/brief drivers on the new Competency Development Process.
  7. Joint training will be given to all local train crew managers and local level reps on human factors and the machinery of negotiation.
  8. A pro active CDP will be introduced for all drivers identified as needing further support.
  9. District Organiser, District No. 2 to meet with MD of FSR monthly.
  10. All local and company agreements to be adhered to.
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