Silverlink action on Friday as talks flounde

23 October 2007

A peace proposal from train drivers’ union ASLEF has been rejected out of hand by Silverlink management – and the union now believes Friday’s proposed strike is ‘inevitable’.


The action will involve almost 400 train drivers operating London commuter services, including those from Milton Keynes, Watford Junction and along the North London line.


‘I put a proposition to management yesterday to prevent this action,’ says ASLEF general secretary Keith Norman. ‘When they turned it down this morning they threw away the only chance of preventing a strike.’


Keith had proposed that the dispute be referred to an independent third party for arbitration that would be binding on both sides. ‘I don’t see how we could have been more reasonable,’ he said. ‘It convinces me that Silverlink actually wants this dispute to go ahead.’


In an industrial action ballot, over 90% voted in favour. The dispute centres around pensions – the union says that past agreements to make pay rises count towards pensions have not been honoured by the company – and that this is seriously eroding the value of its members’ pensions.

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