Germany says ‘No’ to 60 tonne roadtrains

18 October 2007

‘It is a great boost to our campaign to stop experiments with 60 tonne lorries on UK roads that the German government has decided not to allow them in that country,’ Keith Norman declared today.


German transport minister Wolfang Tiefensee said that the federal states had decided against the vehicles, which are 25.25m long and have a maximum combination weight of 60 tonnes. Fear of safety problems and concern over the strength of bridges on the Autobahn network were two of the deciding factors.


The tests that have been taking place will be ended earlier than previously agreed, and the Germans will not allow new tests on their motorways, even with lighter vehicle combinations. The German government intends to send its investigation results to Brussels to be seen by the European Commission which is investigating the effects of allowing LHVs in the EU.


Keith added, ‘I sincerely hope UK transport minister Ruth Kelly will come to the same conclusion in the near future. I can’t believe that anyone who is concerned about road congestion, traffic accidents and pollution could champion these monster trucks.’

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