Central Trains ballot on managers driving trains

03 October 2007

The executive committee has agreed that ASLEF members working for Central Trains should be balloted for industrial action, accusing the company of ignoring current agreements about Driver Managers driving trains.


‘Discussions on this issue have proved utterly unproductive,’ declared general secretary Keith Norman. ‘We have an agreement that establishes that Driver Managers will only take trains out in the event of a safety problem. The company has consistently failed to honour that agreement.


‘Management have made no attempt to resolve the situation, and their inaction makes conflict the only possible outcome. ASLEF is not in the habit of signing agreements and instantly ignoring them – and we will not tolerate that from any employer. Central’s attitude makes a mockery or orderly industrial relations.’


Ballot papers will be sent out later this week, dependent on possible postal disruption.’


The ballot will conclude at the end of the month and at that time, assuming a positive vote, the union will determine what sanctions it intends to take against the company.

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