Minister will need persuading over roadtrains

26 September 2007

Transport minister Ruth Kelly said at today’s Labour Party conference that she will take a ‘heck of a lot of persuading’ to accept that 60 tonne lorries should be allowed onto UK roads. Ruth was responding to a question put to her by ASLEF delegate Pauline Cawood.


Outside the formal conference, Ruth’s advisors told ASLEF delegates that the minister has ‘yet to be convinced by these proposals’ but that she will be happy to discuss them further when she meets the unions in the next few weeks.


Keith Norman, ASLEF’s general secretary, says he is pleased that the minister seems inclined to back the joint representations of employers and unions in the freight industry – not to mention the 75% of the public who opposed larger lorries in a recent National Opinion poll. ‘Let us hope that the opinions of the vast majority will prevail,’ he said. ‘I look forward to discussing this directly with the minister when we – along with the RMT, TSSA and Unite - meet her in the near future.’

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