Criminal Law

Few people anticipate that they will ever be accused of committing a crime, or that a crime they may have committed in the past could jeopardise their employment prospects.


Nevertheless ASLEF members have experienced being accused of criminal acts and have found themselves and their dependents in urgent need of expert legal advice.


ASLEF's law firm Thompsons has an expert criminal law unit and access to expert criminal lawyers. The legal advice line is available 24 hours a day for members in urgent need of help.


And if you or one of your dependents have been arrested and need representation the service can ensure you have a lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Don't wait. Don't leave it until after the police interview.


Legal aid is often available and we can always get a lawyer to a police station if you are arrested, at no cost to you if Legal Aid is available or at Legal Aid rates if it is not. The Union doesn't however normally cover the cost if assistance is required beyond the police interview.


In an emergency, at weekends, holidays and at night the 24 hour line in Scotland is 0800 801 299. For the rest of the UK it is 0808 100 8009.


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