ASLEF has a genuine commitment to a diverse railway industry which represents 21st century society.

However, it is apparent that within the grade of Train Driver which constitutes the overwhelming majority of ASLEF members, very few women and black and ethnic minority people are employed. And it is very difficult to estimate the number of members whose sexual orientation is not identified as heterosexual. 

In each of these sections of our membership, the issues of equality of opportunity, harassment, maternity and parental rights, and gender specific health and safety have a particular impact. ASLEF must be at the forefront of addressing these fundamental trade union issues from a position of strength. To focus the union's work an Equalities Charter was introduced in 2015, this is a set of aspirations which ASLEF strives towards.

ASLEF has five equality representative committees specifically for Women; BAME, LGBT+, Young members and disabled members plus a Retired members' section. Each committee has an elected member from each of the eight districts who meet 3 times a year to discuss issues raised in their districts, support local and national campaigns. More information about each committee can be found by clicking on the left hand navigation bar or by logging into the members only section. There is also one joint equality meeting each year where all committee members discuss areas of shared interest. 

The union has a growing network of branch equality reps and is beginning to offer more training and support to the people in these positions.

ASLEF is also represented on the national TUC committees for women, LGBT and black workers as well as the STUC black workers committee.  A fantastic achievement for a union of this size.

We produce a quarterly newsletter called Equally Driven which summarises the work of our representative committees along with a round up of equality based issues facing our members.  This is available on our website on the equality publications page.  


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