Mick Whelan - General Secretary


Mick Whelan is the General Secretary of ASLEF.  He was elected in October 2011.


Mick joined the railway industry in 1984 when it was still British Rail. After qualifying and working as a train driver, he became the union’s full-time official for London and the Midlands. He continued to be elected to this position for over a decade.


Before becoming a full time official Mick held several positions in the union at branch, company and regional levels. He has also represented the union at events and conferences abroad.


He has extensive experience of negotiating in the rail industry and has led negotiations with a number of train operating companies on pay and conditions, health and safety and re-structuring issues. He has also represented individual members at disciplinary hearings, appeals, employment tribunals and other bodies.


Mick is a member of the Labour Party.


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