Legal Services

ASLEF members can receive advice, support and representation on the whole range of legal issues that they may encounter in their day-to-day lives. These include personal injury, employment rights (including equal rights, human rights and pensions), criminal law, family law, Wills and conveyancing. Members dependants may also be entitled to advice, support or representation, contact Thompsons for more information about entitlement.


Thompsons regional office structure means that you will be seen as near as possible to your place of work or local union office.


Our commitment is to total access to Thompsons for our members. Technology is key to this and Thompsons has developed information technology systems that enable ASLEF members to quickly and easily obtain any information relating to their case.You can also visit the Thompsons' website which includes fact sheets from the free legal advice department.

You may be entitled to free legal advice. Calling free on 0808 100 8009 in England and Wales and 0800 081 0075 in Scotland between 8am to 8pm to find out more.



Thompsons also provide information booklets on various subjects to help give a better understanding of your rights and entitlement:


Thompsons Accidents at Work Booklet

Thompsons Family Friendly Rights Booklet

Thompsons Unfair Dismissal and Redundancy Booklet


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