On Track with Diversity

In 2012 ASLEF commissioned the Institute of Employment Rights to produce an independent report into levels of diversity amongst train drivers in Britain, the vast majority of whom are ASLEF members. That report made a series of recommendations on actions the union and employers could take to increase the numbers of women and BAME drivers on the railways.


In 2018, IER was approached by ASLEF once again with a request to update the 2012 report. On Track with Diversity 2019 edition considers to what extent the 2012 recommendations were implemented and the impact they have had on extending diversity. 


In this report the authors, Nadia Motraghi and Ijeoma Omambala, two lawyers specialising in equality and diversity laws and practices from Old Square Chambers, review and analyse the current situation, extending the diversity criteria to include the position of young people up to the age of 35. They go on to make a series of recommendations, the aim of which is to ensure the industry remains on track with diversity.


Click here to download On Track with Diversity 2019 edition.



Click here to download the 2012 report.


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