Consultations and Submissions

The union’s views are regularly sought on a range of transport issues from government White Papers to local council proposals. This section contains some of our more recent submissions.



UK Parliament Transport Committee - Reforming public transport after the pandemic (September 2020)

Department for Transport Decarbonisation Plan - ASLEF Response (May 2020)

UK Parliament Transport Committee - The Impacts of Covid-19 on the transport sector (May 2020) 

ASLEF Rail Franchise Handbook 2020

Sadiq Khan for London 2020 Manifesto Consultation (January 2020)



Scotland National Transport Strategy (October 2019)

Oakervee HS2 Review (October 2019)

Williams Rail Review (May 2019)

Light Rail and Rapid Transit Consultation (May 2019)

Williams Rail Review call for evidence on Objectives and Assessment Criteria (April 2019)

Pay As You Go Rail Consultation (April 2019)

Culpable Homicide (Scotland) Bill Consultation (January 2019)

National Assembly for Wales Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee: The future development of Transport for Wales (January 2019) 



ORR PR18 draft determination consultation (August 2018) 

DfT Consultation on the Cross Country franchise (August 2018)

London Assembly Transport Committee investigation into the future of rail (July 2018) 

National Policy Forum consultation on Work Pensions and Equality: Addressing in-work poverty and working-age inequalities (June 2018)

National Policy Forum consultation on the Environment, Energy and Culture: A greener Britain (June 2018)

National Policy Forum consultation on the Economy, Business and Trade: The future of work (June 2018)

National Policy Forum consultation on Housing, Local Government and Transport: Giving people the power to shape their local communities (June 2018)

DfT consultation on updating rail markets regulations and implementing the market pillar (June 2018) 

ASLEF Rail Franchise Handbook 2018 

Transport for the North consultation on Strategic Transport Plan (April 2018)

Public Accounts Committee inquiry into railway franchising in the UK (April 2018)

Intercity East Coast Rail Franchise Inquiry (March 2018) 

Women and Equalities Committee inquiry on sexual harassment of women and girls in public places (March 2018)

ORR consultation on Network Rail efficiency and financial performance (February 2018)

ASLEF response to NIC Freight Study Call for Evidence  (February 2018)

Great Western rail franchise consultation (January 2018)

ORR consultation on Collaborative Working (January 2018)



Rail Infrastructure Inquiry (December 2017)

Accessibility Action Plan Consultation (November 2017)

ORR consultation on changes to complaints handling guidance (October 2017)

Consultation on cancellation of electrification in south Wales (October 2017)

Consultation on ORR's proposed approach to track access and the future operation of High Speed 2 (October 2017)

East Midlands Rail Franchise Public Consultation (September 2017)

Draft Mayor's Transport Strategy 2017 (September 2017)

DWP consultation on Security and Sustainability in defined benefit schemes (May 2017)

Transport for Wales - Design of Wales and borders rail service including metro (May 2017)

BEIS Consultation on Certification Officer’s enforcement powers (May 2017)

South Eastern Rail Franchise Public Consultation (May 2017)

Expenses and group proceedings of civil litigation - Scottish Justice Committee (April 2017)

BEIS consultation on Industrial Strategy (April 2017)

ORR Consultation on the financial framework for PR18 (April 2017)

Improving incentives on Network Rail and train operators: A consultation on changes to charges and contractual incentives (March 2017)

ASLEF response to the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee Inquiry into Rail Franchise & The Metro (February 2017)

Labour’s Industrial Strategy Consultation (February 2017)



Reforming Legislation - Soft Tissue Injury (December 2016) 

BEIS committee inquiry into worker rights (December 2016)

ASLEF BPT consultation (December 2016)

ASLEF response to Network Rail freight study  (November 2016)

Transport Committtee Rail Safety Inquiry 2016 (October 2016)

ASLEF response to Scottish Court Fees (October 2016)

Consultation on Trade Union Act (August 2016)

Integration of BTP into police in Scotland (August 2016)

Wales and Borders rail franchise inquiry (August 2016)

Consultation on period for political fund opt in (August 2016)

West Coast franchise consultation (July 2016)

ASLEF Rail Operations Group licence (July 2016)

Transport Committee Inquiry into Franchising (June 2016)

Transport Committee inquiry passenger experience (May 2016)

West Midland franchise consultation (March 2016)

A new approach to rail passenger servces in London and S East (March 2016)

Setting the direction for Wales and the Borders Rail (March 2016)

The Scotland Bill - Consultation on Draft Order in Council for the Transfer of Spcified Functions of the Employment Tribunal to the First tier Tribunal for Scotland (March 2016)

Response to South Western Rail Franchise Consultation (February 2016)

Evidence Lords Special Select Committee on Party Funding (February 2016)

Response to Delivering the Goods - Consultation towards Scotland's Rail Freight Strategy (January 2016)



Submission to Labour's manifesto for London (November 2015)

Rail Franchise Handbook 2015

CMA consultation on competition in passenger rail services (October 2015)

Response to strengthening the incentive to save: a consultation on pensions tax relief (September 2015)

Ballot thresholds in important public services Response (September 2015)

Tackling intimidation of non-striking workers Consultation (September 2015)

Response 'Hiring agency staff during strike action: reforming regulation' Consultation (September 2015)

Scottish Labour Policy Forum Consultation (August 2015)

london rail devolution evidence update (June 2015)

Transport Committee Investigation into investing in the railway (June 2015)

Response_to_the_Draft_National_Transport_Plan (March 2015)

Rolling_Stock_Leasing_Market (ROSCO) (February 2015)

Greater_Anglia_franchise_consultation  (February 2015)

Response to ORR Regulation Economic Enforcement Policy (February 2015)

Consultation on Land Transport Security (January 2015)



Scottish Policy Forum (December 2014)

Consultation on Rail Passengers' Rights (December 2014)

ASLEF response to BIS consultation on trade union assured register of members (December 2014)

Response to the transport for London consultation on the Bakerloo Line Extension (December 2014)

House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs HS2 (September 2014)

ASLEF Northern and Transpennine Consultation (August 2014)

ASLEF Fire Authority Consultation (July 2014)

ASLEF_Response_to_Occupational_Pension_Schemes_contract_out (July 2014)

ASLEF Transport Committee Report on Metronet (June 2014)

HM Treasurery Consultation on Freedom and Choice in Pensions (June 2014)

Response to consutlation on Survivor Pensions for Same Sex Civil Partnerships and Marriage (May 2014)

ASLEF's evidence on the Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill (March 2014)

Response to BIS consultation on zero hours contracts (March 2014)

ASLEF Rail Franchise booklet (February 2014) 

Rail industry financial information 2012

Great Western specification consultation



ASLEF Response to the Ministry of Justice legal aid

ASLEF Response to the Draft Fifth London Safety Plan 2013

ASLEF Response to the scottish making justice work consultation

ASLEF response tribunal fees

HS2 environmental statement

Design Refinement Consultation response

ASLEF Response to the EU balance of competences review 2

ASLEF response to draft determination on Network Rail outputs

 The Welsh Parliament Enterprise and Business Committee investigation

ASLEF Response to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Freight Transport

High Speed Rail north route consultation

ASLEF Response to the Railway Pension Scheme Actuarial Valuation Assumpt

ASLEF Response to the EU balance of competences review SOCIAL AND EMPLOY

 Rail North Strategy Consultation

ASLEF Response to the Consultation on a Draft National Policy Statement

ASLEF protected members contracting out

ASLEF Response to The Transfer of Employment TUPE pension

ASLEF Response to the ACAS Draft Code on Settlement Agreements


Land Transport Security

Separate Scotland

Scottish lobbying bill

Freight corridor

Independent living

Tube performance and upgrades

Your Scotland referendum response

Welsh cross border evidence

ORR role regulating passenger franchises

ASLEF Response to NR Consultation on Proposed Acquisition of DBS

ASLEF response to BIS consultation ending employment

ASLEF response to BIS consult on Implementing Employee Owner Status

ASLEF response to South Eastern franchise consultation

ASLEF response to East Coast franchise consultation

Response to ORR Consultation on Formalisation of Rail Delivery Group

ASLEF response to Thameslink, Southern, Great Northern franchise

Response to ORR consultation on variable usage charge on freight

Response to Essex Thameside Franchise Consultation

Response to Rail Fares and Ticketing Consultation

Response to Rail Decentralisation Consultation

Aligning Incentives to Improve Efficiency response

Response to Consultation on Introducing a Statutory Register of Lobbyists - April 2012

Response to Department for Transport Consultation on Devolving Local Major Transport schemes - April 2012

Response to Great Western Franchise Replacement Consultation - March 2012

Response to Transport Scotland Rail 2014 Consultation - February 2012

Response to APPG inquiry - March 2012

Response to Department for Transport and ORR Consultation - March 2012

Transport Select Committee Rail Reform Submission - April 2012



ASLEF Response to the Initial Industry Plan for England and Wales - December 2011

Response to the Independent Public Service Pensions Commission - December 2010

ASLEF response to Reforming Rail Franchising consultation - October 2010

ASLEF Response to the Transport Select Committee Inquiry - Transport and the Economy September 2010

ASLEF response to Rail Value for Money scoping study - July 2010

Response to the Department for Transport – Future of Franchising Doucument – April 2010

Response to the Department for Transport - Essex Thameside Franchise – April 2010

Response to the Department for Transport - Greater Anglia Franchise Consultation – April 2010

Response to the Department for Transport - InterCity East Coast Franchise Consultation – April 2010

Protection from violence at work - June 2009

Response to Transport Select Committee - Priorities for investment in the railways – October 2009

Yorkshire RUS Response - ASLEF Yorkshire Route Utilisation Stratergy Response - December 2008

Response to London Assembly Transport Committee - Overcrowding on Overground Rail Routes - November 2008

Response to Welsh Affairs Select Committee - Provision of Cross-Border Services for Wales – October 2008

PPP Submission - ASLEF submission of evidence for the House of Commons Transport Committee - The Public Private Partnership and London Underground

ASLEF v UK - ASLEF response to Dti consultation document - ECHR judgement in ASLEF v UK case for Trade Union Law - May 2007



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