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Franchise folly adds £40 million to fares

03 October 2012

The government today casually added £40 million to the cost of UK rail. Why? According to ASLEF general secretary Mick Whelan because it is ‘too pig-headed to recognise that rail franchising is unwieldy, expensive, bureaucratic, wasteful, imprecise, unscientific and ultimately indefensible’. The Department for Transport has cancelled the award...

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Public ECML profits up 7%

28 September 2012

Since the East Coast Main Line has been in public hands it has increased its operating profit by 7% (to £7.1 million) in the year to March. It has increased annual turnover by £20 million (to £665.8 million) and increased profits before tax and DfT service payments to £195.7...

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No tests for driverless trains

24 September 2012

The union has told London Underground that its members will play no part in testing work relating to driverless trains. A letter from the General Secretary tells the company that ASLEF members who are Test Train Operators and Duty Team Leaders will not work on any project to test...

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Young people should go busking, says Tory

20 September 2012

‘I was incensed when I read the remarks made by Folkestone MP Damian Collins about youth unemployment,’ Mick Whelan said today. ‘It appears this privately-educated Oxford scholar suggests young people could ‘go busking’ to start their careers. It is a callous echo of Norman Tebbit telling the unemployed to...

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Petition MPs on employment rights

19 September 2012

Mick Whelan, ASLEF’s general secretary, has urged union members to contact their MPs to ensure that they vote against a government proposal – contained within the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (ERR) Bill - to further limit employment rights in the UK and to water down the provisions of TUPE,...

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