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Union forces Carpal Tunnel Syndrome breakthrough

01 December 2009

A ground-breaking judgment in Swansea County Court yesterday paved the way for train drivers across Britain to claim compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) - an industrial injury that leaves the hands permanently disabled.   The decision initially affects three ASLEF members - Paul Studholme, Gary Thomas and Barry Rogan...

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National Express to be stripped of East Anglia franchise

26 November 2009

Train drivers union ASLEF applauded Transport Secretary Lord Adonis’s announcement today (26th November) that he intends to strip National Express of the East Anglia franchise three years earlier than planned in March 2011 as well as tender for the renewal of the Group’s remaining C2C franchise that year.   General...

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Grasping MP condemns non-overtime train drivers

18 November 2009

Harpenden MP and former Tory Cabinet minister Peter Lilley has attacked Thameslink train drivers as ‘militants taking coordinated action to prevent trains running’. The ‘crime’ of these ‘extremists’ is to exercise their legal and contractual right not to work overtime. ‘God save us all from a Tory government,’ says ASLEF...

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Attacks on FCC drivers are ‘misplaced’, says GS

12 November 2009

Drivers in First Capital Connect have this week, without encouragement from the union, chosen to exercise their right not to work on their rest days. Many have been incensed by the company offering no pay increase this year, something that will be the subject of an industrial relations vote later...

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London Midland needs remedies

11 November 2009

The Department for Transport has instructed London Midland to submit an ‘action plan’ to improve its performance. ‘I don’t know how often the franchise system needs to be discredited before the government notices,’ says Keith Norman. ‘Passengers, workers and tax-payers are convinced franchises are failures. Only the government blindly keeps...

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