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Scotland ‘end work violence’ event 1 Dec

26 November 2008

ASLEF and the Transport section of the Unite union are organizing an event on Monday 1 December aimed at reducing the threat of staff violence. ‘Our immediate concern is the increased number of attacks we witness over the festive season,’ says ASLEF’s Scottish Officer Kevin Lindsay. ‘But we hope to...

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ASLEF’s Mick wins DB Works Council spot

21 November 2008

Mick Finn from EWS has won the ballot for the UK representative on the Deutsche Bahn European Works Council. Keith Norman says he is delighted for Mick and pleased for our union. ‘I’m sure he will do a good job for all DB workers in the UK, and it is...

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If you’re ashamed of BNP membership, get out!

19 November 2008

Commenting on the release of the names of BNP members, Keith Norman said today, ‘If they are ashamed of belonging to such an organization, they should get out. If they regret being one of this group, they should resign. If, however, they are happy to peddle extreme right-wing racism, they...

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BNP is not for export says GS

13 November 2008

Keith Norman has joined a campaign aimed at preventing BNP leader Nick Griffin from setting off on a tour of Australia organized by the far right Australian Protectionist Party. ‘This is one export we don’t need,’ Keith says. ‘I don’t want our country associated with messages of prejudice and hatred.’...

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The real face of London Tories

07 November 2008

Keith Norman says that the ‘real face of Conservatism’ was exposed today as Boris Johnson announced the cancellation of £3.7 billion of London transport improvements planned by Ken Livingstone. ‘Predictably, the poorer areas of the capital will suffer most,’ Keith says.   The new mayor is to combine increasing fares...

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