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Planes CO2 emissions are ten times that of rai

09 October 2006

Independent research carried out for Eurostar shows that passengers who fly between London, Paris and Brussels generate ten times more emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2. A Eurostar passenger generates enough CO2 to fill a Mini - while an airline passenger generates enough to fill a double-decker bus. The research...

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‘Squash in my cab!’ : union launches cab conditions campaign

29 September 2006

The union has given the slogan ‘Squash In My Cab’ to a new campaign to improve our members’ working conditions within driving cabs.   ASLEF wants its members to work in cabs that are: Safe Quiet User-friendly Air-conditioned Specially seated Healthy     The idea of 'Squash' has...

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‘One Railway’ Pay Ballot Announced

22 September 2006

ASLEF’s executive committee today announced that it is to hold a ballot of all members employed by One Railway. This is because it deems the company’s offer as regards the 2006 Pay Deal ‘totally unacceptable’.   The General Secretary has given the company statutory notice of the union's intention to...

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Rail Pensions Commission established – ASLEF spells out what will be acceptable

21 September 2006

General Secretary Keith Norman says that while ASLEF supports the concept of a Rail Pensions Commission it is adamant that its principle objective should be highlighted. The Commission was formally launched today. ‘The Commission’s principle objective – from which it should not be diverted - is to conceive ways of...

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Bidders for Cross Country, East Midlands and West Midlands franchises announced

19 September 2006

ASLEF general secretary Keith Norman greeted news of the bidders for these franchises as ‘another saga of wasteful and pointless activity that will benefit neither employees nor the travelling public’. He said the union will take every opportunity to remind delegates to next week’s Labour Party Conference of the party’s...

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