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Solidarity with Venezuelan transport workers.

24 February 2014

Following reports of extreme right-wing violence against tube and bus workers in Venezuela, ASLEF has signed on to the following message of solidarity with the transport workers’ unions in Venezuela

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25 Feb Korean Railway Workers strike again

19 February 2014

The Korean Railway Workers' Union (KRWU) staged a 23-day national strike against privatisation last December. Today the struggle continues as the leadership of the union remains in jail; criminal charges have been brought against 191 KRWU members; a lawsuit claiming damages worth 14.3 million USD has been filed against...

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Unions welcome Government Backtrack on Pension Proposal

13 February 2014

ASLEF today welcomed the government’s announcement that it will not permit employers to use statutory override to change their pension schemes for members with protected person status. Protected person status was promised to workers by Parliament during privatisations in the 1980s and 1990s and guaranteed pension benefits could not be reduced for those employed at the time. This includes the Railway Pension Scheme.

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Lobbying Law

29 January 2014

ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has condemned the controversial Lobbying Bill which passed the House of Lords by one vote last night.

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East Coast

17 January 2014

Mick Whelan has responded to the publication this morning of the government's preferred bidders for the East Coast main line. Mick said: ‘We are disappointed – but not surprised – that the Conservative-led coalition is rushing to reprivatise the successful, and publicly-owned, East Coast main line before a general...

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