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Look to the future now

01 December 2014

This time of year is, traditionally, a time for reflection about where we are – and where we want to be. We are a nation in decline where one in four of our children is living below the poverty line, homelessness is growing, and the bedroom tax and zero...

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It seems we live in interesting times

01 November 2014

We are entering an interesting phase in our industry – and our futures – with parliaments north and south of the border making decisions that seem blatantly designed to ensure that any future Westminster government or devolved democracy at Holyrood is trapped with a flawed rail industry model that has...

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Working for you

30 September 2014

Since I last spoke in this column it has been a hectic period with the emphasis on the political issues that affect not only our industry but our day to day life. We have had the result of the political fund ballot – which was a resounding yes – with,...

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Insidious attacks on driver training

31 August 2014

I am writing this from the 43rd International Transport Workers’ Federation conference in Bulgaria where the problems of the neoliberal agenda, driven by globalisation and transnational organisations, have been discussed. If we are to operate on behalf of British train drivers in the modern world we have to work...

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Driven by change

31 July 2014

Our industry is going through major change, much of it driven not by the needs of the travelling public, the taxpayer, or the thousands who rely on the railways for work, but by politics and the protection of a flawed, and failed, system by the government. Our bid to legally...

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