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Building on our legacy

30 June 2014

I spoke last month about our positive conference, and the forward looking debates we had in Brighton, and how they have given us a truly sound basis on which to build. The foundation, and the strength, of any trade union is its membership and collective history. This has been...

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A degree of hope for a brighter future

31 May 2014

We return from conference having affirmed and developed our industrial and political strategy and I am heartened that all the debate was forward looking. The changes that will happen to our industry prior to, or post, the national and London Mayoral elections have to be prepared for and options considered. On the political side, our commitment to a future Labour government, to prevent further damage to our society and its structures, and hope of genuine change that benefits all, remains a guiding principle.

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Taxpayers fork out twice to travel in cattle class

30 April 2014

The ORR report for 2012-13 is out and we are not surprised by its contents; once more the taxpayer has had to stump up £4 billion to subsidise the flawed model that generated over £700 million in surplus with £204 million going in shareholder dividends. While passengers are expected to pay more to be treated worse than cattle in certain circumstances.

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Lasting legacy of Bob Crow and Tony Benn

31 March 2014

Our industry, and our movement, lost two comrades who have spent a lifetime seeking to create a fairer and better world so, first and foremost,our thoughts are with the families and friends of Bob Crow and Tony Benn. They were unique in this age of smooth media presentation because they could command a room, platform or debate through the power of personality, and intellect, not based on blind adherence to dogma, but conviction.

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Strange days, freak weather and floods

01 March 2014

What a strange month it’s been; virtually every media piece in relation to the recent Tube dispute involving our sister unions has concentrated not on the impact of proposed job cuts, or safety, but on how much train drivers earn. Odd, when we are not in dispute. Then we get the inevitable, unrealistic, demands that transport be declared an essential service with minimum service requirements rather than an onus on third parties to come to the table or stop interfering with the free collective bargaining process. The hypocrisy continues when those elected on a far smaller turnout, and mandate, than we deliver after jumping through draconian legislation, want to change the rules so they can impose rather than deal with those more democratically elected and representative of the employees’ wishes and needs.

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