Northern Rail industrial action suspended

The two strikes planned on Northern Rail [on Friday 21 November and Thursday 27 November] have been suspended, after progressive talks, pending a meeting of ASLEF's executive committee tomorrow [Tuesday].

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Stagecoach boss claims he's underpaid

11 December 2014

Quote of the day comes from Martin Griffiths, chief executive of Stagecoach, and chair of the Rail Delivery Group, which lobbies on behalf of the privatised train companies, who claims he's underpaid. Speaking to Gwyn Topham in The Guardian, he says: ‘I’ll tell you, for the risk we run, and the management effort my team put in, we get underpaid.’ This from a man who picked up a staggering £2.2 million last year and who represents companies for whom there is, of course, no risk. 'How much more than the average bus driver does he earn for this risk?' asks Mick Whelan.

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Calling for a debate on firefighter pensions

08 December 2014

Firefighters risk their lives every day to keep us safe but their pensions are under attack by the government. Fire Minister, Penny Mordaunt MP has ignored the concerns of firefighters and the FBU by saying that no further offer will be made. It is clear from the overwhelming support...

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Mick hits out at fare rise in January

05 December 2014

Mick Whelan has spoken out after the announcement today that rail fares will rise by 2.2% in January. He said: ‘Once more, the most expensive railway in Europe continues to penalise the travelling public at a time when most families are struggling to make ends meet. More people will fall into the travel poverty trap. And employers and employees will be hit by this poor decision.’

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Nearly two thirds of people back publicly owned rail

03 December 2014

A YouGov survey for the Times this week found that 59% of people support renationalising the railways with 56% of respondents in favour of taking back ownership of the utilities. Additionally nearly half of the 2067 people surveyed want the private sector to be less involved in the NHS....

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World AIDS day 2014

01 December 2014

World AIDS Day is an opportunity to reflect on the bravery and compassion of those who have contributed to the struggle against HIV and the continued importance of working together to achieve our goal. The current Ebola outbreak is a reminder of the early days of HIV when we...

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