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Why ASLEF backs TUC campaign

08 September 2014

Mick Whelan, ASLEF's general secretary, has a full page article in today's Morning Star newspaper, explaining the TUC demo on Saturday 18 October deserves massive support from right across the trade union movement.

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ASLEF raises LGBT rights in debate on pensions

07 September 2014

Deborah Reay, ASLEF’s elected delegate from District 8, raised the issue of LGBT pensions at the TUC Congress on the 8th September, condemning the government’s refusal to ensure that equal marriage is truly equal by ensuring equality of provision for survivor benefits in occupational schemes. You can watch Debbie’s speech...

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ASLEF speaks out on zero hour contracts

06 September 2014

Hussein Ezzedine, ASLEF’s elected delegate from District 2, spoke on the opening day of the TUC Congress, about the potential danger of zero-hours contracts in safety-critical industries, including rail freight, where increased casualization has undermined health and safety. He argued that zero-hours contracts and the increased casualisation of labour are a major threat to health and safety standards.

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Can Labour deliver radical rail reform?

04 September 2014

The TUC, ASLEF, RMT, TSSA and Unite will be hosting an Action for Rail campaign fringe meeting at the TUC Congress in Liverpool.

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ASLEF joints People's March for the NHS

01 September 2014

ASLEF District Council 6 were pleased to be at Northampton to welcome the NHS People's March yesterday, and are joining the march between Northampton and Bedford today.

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