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Meeting the challenge head on

01 December 2015

Recent events in Paris, and the TGV test train crash, naturally bring to mind safety and security in the 21st century during mass transit with ordinary people going about their business. On behalf of us all we have extended our condolences, and our thoughts are with the families and...

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The Trade Union Bill

01 November 2015

When evidence was taken in Parliament on the Trade Union Bill it was clear from the questions asked by certain members of the panel, and the responses from employers’ groups like the CBI, that the driving forces behind this nasty piece of legislation are dogma and corporate self-interest, which is...

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The true test of a policy is a party in power

30 September 2015

All decisions that impact on the future of our industry are inherently political, from the debate on the Night Tube, driven by the Mayor of London, to the unpopular refranchising of the East Coast by a Tory-led coalition that believed it was going out of power.

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Solidarity on Tube is truly awesome

31 August 2015

As I write we are still in dispute over them Tube and, although I know the strength of feeling and unity we always get, the solidarity demonstrated has been truly awesome. This has led to talks continuing but we are a very long way apart. The company, which has hidden for years behind the company plan, when we wished to improve things, chose to obviate the framework agreement (the machinery) and announce a start date for the Night Tube. No negotiation, no consultation, just an act of malicious bad faith.

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It's your voice; please use it

03 August 2015

It is ironic that the government, in the year of the anniversary of Magna Carta, announces a Trade Union Bill that will erode and destroy our basic freedoms which have evolved over centuries. The basic tenet is to damage the right to strike with thresholds for ballots far and...

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