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We will have to do more together!

30 June 2015

We are entering an interesting time, both industrially and politically. Malicious attacks on our communities, and on the futures of our families, continue unabated by this Conservative government, with a further £12 billion of cuts born more of dogma and social engineering than from any genuine wish...

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Rollercoaster ride for a better, brighter future

31 May 2015

What a rollercoaster ride of emotion! I was despondent after a general election result that will destroy civil society, our rights, real jobs,and force us to accept food banks, with welfare underwriting rogue employers who refuse to pay proper wages to hardworking families and make them reliant on social subsidy...

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Reasons why everyone should vote on 7 May

30 April 2015

Reasons why everyone should vote on 7 May In line with our policy, we have worked incredibly hard to deliver a Labour victory. The need to protect and develop the NHS, and to look for a model that drives a real future for our industry, are paramount. The doubling of...

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British Transport Police should stay independent

31 March 2015

April 2015 British Transport Police should stay independent Every time we take a step forward in operating as stakeholders to ensure there are robust measures in place to deal adequately with issues that affect our members and the travelling public – such as suicide and trespass – some short-sighted...

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Working to get round the ban on free speech

01 March 2015

Mar 2015 Working to get round the ban on free speech The Welsh Labour Party conference in Swansea reaffirmed that working people and their families need real change from a future government. There is a genuine willingness to look at other models that could deliver a better railway for...

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