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Campaigning is ASLEF's core activity. Whether we are pressing for improvements in wages or conditions in a single company, arguing for a change in legislation to benefit our members, seeking justice for the underprivileged in this country or the abused abroad - we are on the campaign trail.

ASLEF is a founder member of Action for Rail a joint union campaign for a better future for Britain’s railways. We are also active in the Freight on Rail campaign which works to promote the economic,social and environmental benefits of rail freight. Other key campaigning initiatives currently include improvements to cab conditions, pensions and travel facilities. We try to make our campaigns innovative and eye-catching, and employ a range of tactics from Parliamentary lobbies and public demonstrations, to organisation of seminars and the production of literature. We believe that a union that ceases to campaign ceases to exist: and that any organisation committed to justice and equality will never have to look far for a cause that deserves our support.

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Petition for Trade Democracy

23 August 2018

Right now the nearly 800 members of the House of Lords are the only thing standing between Liam Fox and a secretive trade deal with Donald Trump. US big business is pushing for a US-UK trade deal which would sweep away important standards and protections. We’re looking at a trade...

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You Vs Train

18 July 2018

BTP and Network Rail are launching a campaign today in response to new figures that reveal a teenager risks their life on railway tracks every four hours. Hundreds of people every year are unintentionally killed or left with life-changing injuries after being hit by an unexpected train or the electric...

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A new deal for working people - TUC march and rally

04 April 2018

A new deal for working people - TUC march and rally The march will assemble at Victoria Embankment between Hungerford bridge and Blackfriars bridge at 11am.  On 12 May 2018, thousands of people will march through London to demand a new deal for working people.  Why? Because real wages are still...

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Open Freight Forum October

04 April 2018

Open Freight Forum – Birmingham – Wednesday 31 October - 10:30 – 16:00   A special open freight forum will be held on Wednesday 31 October at the IBIS Birmingham Centre New Street. 

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Bring East Coast back into public ownership

04 January 2018

We Own It! have launched a new campaign to bring East Coast back into public ownership, which ASLEF is happy to support. Please sign and help us to promote the East Coast petition.  For more information visit:   It’s outrageous that Chris Grayling plans to bail...

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