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Democracy under attack

10 January 2016

The fight against the Trade Union Bill goes on. Sign the petition to the House of Lords. Yesterday, our MPs debated the Bill again and it passed with 305 votes for, and 271 against. As the debate moves to the House of Lords, Unions Together are launching a new campaign to...

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Tell MEPs not to make a bad compromise on ISDS in TTIP

09 January 2016

Please help by writing to your MEP, calling on them to reject the dangerous new compromise on Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanisms in next Wednesday's vote. Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms give foreign companies extra legal powers to challenge governments. In the past they have been used by companies to...

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End #RailRipOff

27 December 2015

End #RailRipOff on 4 January - join us at Kings Cross and stations across the country In January, passengers returning to work after Christmas will see their fares rise yet again. Over the last five years rail fares have risen nearly three times faster than average wages. We have...

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Sign up for Transport Thursday

15 November 2015

1.2m adults could drop off the electoral register when the new Voter Registration rules come into force on 1 December. The Electoral Commission has just said that there are 1.2m adults eligible to be on the electoral register in London who are currently not registered. This is in addition...

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Health and Safety and the Trade Union Bill

08 October 2015

Why is the government trying to stop union H&S reps from doing their job? Last 28.2m days are lost through injuries or illnesses caused by work. Union safety reps reduce serious injuries by 50%. So why does the government want to introduce a bill that will make it more difficult...

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