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Embarrassed DfT boss offers apology (sort of)

22 February 2016

An embarrassed DfT official was forced into offering an apology after Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers' union, demanded he say sorry for his extraordinary and offensive comments about Britain's train drivers. Peter Wilkinson, director of rail passenger services at the DfT, was put under pressure...

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ASLEF responds to ONS figures

19 February 2016

New figures published by the Office of National Statistics show that there was a significant increase in the number of days lost through industrial action in the transport, storage, information and communications sectors over the last 12 months. 61,700 days were lost in the last 12 months compared to 24,900 for the previous period. ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan said ‘strike action is always a very last resort for a trade union. I regret the lack of engagement with trade unions from the Mayor of London and his Transport for London which has had a significant impact on the increase in the number of strikes in the transport sector.’

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Train operators not delivering

18 February 2016

A survey from consumer organisation Which? has today highlighted the overcrowding, poor value for money and lack of cleanliness of many of Britain’s trains. The study found that Southeastern had the worst satisfied passengers closely followed by Govia Thameslink Railway. ASLEF General Secretary Mick Whelan said ‘the findings published...

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Love Unions and kill the Bill

11 February 2016

You can find out more about the Love Unions campaign at and more about the Tories' anti-Trade Union bill at

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Cameron won't meet us

10 February 2016

Trade union activists will doorstep David Cameron today with a simple demand – that he meets with us to discuss the threat to democracy posed by the Tories’ anti-Trade Union Bill.

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