How unions make a difference on H&S

The TUC has recently revised and re-published its booklet The union effect.

The union effect spells out how trade unions and their health and safety representatives have saved lives, protected people from injury, disease and disablement. Health and Safety reps also make significant contributions to the economy by saving money on NHS costs, insurance premiums, compensation and benefits payouts etc.

Given the need to counter the government’s continuing attacks on trade unions, this document goes some way to say unions are not part of the problem but are clearly the part of the solution and should be given more, not less of a role at work.

Plus the fantastic work trade health and safety representatives do deserves far more recognition!

You can download the document here

Last year 28.2m days were lost through injuries or illnesses caused by work. Union safety reps reduce serious injuries by 50%. So why does the government want to introduce a bill that will make it more difficult for health and safety reps to get the time off they need, make it more difficult for them to take action when they have concerns over health and safety, and reduce their ability to campaign on issues they're concerned about?

Find out more about the Trade Union Bill at



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