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Accounting accountability

15 February 2019

How can auditors avoid becoming complicit when they are capitalist companies themselves?    Gregor Gall, an affiliate research associate at the University of Glasgow and editor of the Scottish Left Review, writes for March's ASLEF Journal:   Capitalism is, fundamentally, about numbers – income, expenditure,...

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Another brick in the wall

30 July 2018

Steve Williams, a former headteacher, Labour Party councillor and parliamentary candidate, tells the alarming story of the creeping privatisation of English education Mick Whelan is quoted in the May edition of the Journal, sending a message of solidarity to the Fédération Nationale des Cheminots CGT, in its battle with President...

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Promoting a more diverse railway

30 July 2018

As featured in the ASLEF Journal, Lee James, ASLEF’s equalities adviser, reported on efforts to make the rail industry in this country more diverse:   ASLEF has 19,784 active members (plus 2,359 retired members) and 96% of the train drivers in England, Scotland and Wales choose to belong to this...

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Key worker: Trudy Aarons

26 June 2018

Interview as featured in the June 2018 edition of the ASLEF Journal.    Trudy Aarons, one of Britain’s first black women train drivers, has retired after nearly 30 years on the iron road. Trudy, 57, who worked out of Waterloo, has taken early retirement, on ill-health, from South Western Railway....

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Celebrating women's right to vote

05 March 2018

(Article by Debbie Reay, Chair of the ASLEF women's representative committee) featured in the March 2018 edition of the ASLEF Journal) This year is the 100th anniversary of the successful campaign, led by the Suffragettes, which gave some women the right to vote in Britain. The campaign came...

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