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What the collapse of Carillion can tell us

05 March 2018

(Article by Chris Proctor, as featured in the ASLEF Journal 2018) When MPs were bellowing at each other about Carillion, Jeremy Corbyn asked Theresa May the traditional Labour question: ‘What about the workers?’ The Prime Minister took off her spectacles, did her celebrated owl impression, and affixed the superior smirk copyrighted...

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First anniversary of the anti-Trade Union Act

30 January 2018

(as featured in the ASLEF Journal, February 2018) It's the  first anniversary next month of the Tories’ Trade Union Act (2016)being in operation. Just to recap, when it went live on 1 March 2017, the most important changes the Act brought in were that for (compulsory) ballots for strikes and...

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ASLEF in action

01 January 2018

(as featured in the ASLEF Journal )   ASLEF adopts a twin track approach on the political and industrial fronts, to advance the interests of all our members. We engage industrially with the train and freight operating companies to secure the best terms and conditions for train drivers in England,...

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Lifting the lid on bogus self employment

01 January 2018

(as featured in the ASLEF Journal in January 2018, by Gregor Gall, Professor of Industrial Relations at the University of Bradford) Companies such as Uber, Amazon and Deliveroo have been condemned for using artificial self-employment to deprive their workers of their rights, evade their corporate responsibilities, and cheat the Revenue....

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Give rail freight a level playing field

01 December 2017

(Article by Philippa Edmunds, manager of Freight on Rail, as published in the ASLEF Journal in December 2017.  Philippa is lobbying the Treasury, and the Department for Transport, pushing for a proper market place for freight in the UK) Freight on Rail continues to make the case for rail and...

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