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ABC and the #SouthernFail campaign

06 July 2017

Gregor Gall, Professor of Industrial Relations at the University of Bradford, looks at the opportunities afforded by protests organised by the Association of British Commuters against the Conservative government and Southern Rail (As featured in the July issue of the ASLEF Journal 2017; page 22)   Could it now be...

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Tackling cancer

01 July 2017

Jim Peters, of the Retired Members' Section, addressed delegates at AAD this year. to speak about his battle with prostate cancer and to raise awareness of the work carried out by two charities that he now works closely with.  His presentation ended with delegates rising to applaud his courage in...

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We need a public railway

05 June 2017

The Labour manifesto promises to bring Britain’s railways back into public ownership. Assistant general secretary Simon Weller says that’s what ASLEF has been campaigning for since 1993. (As featured in the ASLEF Journal in June 2017)   The aims of ASLEF are quite clear and enshrined in our rule book....

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Russian Revolution: Fascinating exhibition at the British Library

01 June 2017

Russian Revolution: A fascinating exhibition at the British Library   One of the first exhibits as you enter this rich display is a thin green booklet sitting unobtrusively in a glass-covered case. Apparently harmless, it has proved more explosive than any Molotov cocktail: for this is a first printing of...

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ASLEF’s parliament

24 May 2017

ASLEF’s annual assembly of delegates ­– our annual conference – was held at the Marriott Royal Hotel, Bristol, from Monday 22 to Thursday 25 May.AAD is ASLEF’s policy-making parliament, the foundation of our union’s democratic structure. ‘This is where we turn our trade union over to the membership to evaluate...

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