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Look to the future now it's only just begun

01 December 2017

I write this column after another week travelling the country where members told me we are entering an era of uncertainty in our industry. We go from a proposal for an all-Wales operation, with the wheels and steel back together, to the current franchisee leaving the bidding process. renewed calls...

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No scab force here

01 November 2017

Much has been made of recent comments made in or around the Tory Party conference in relation to rail, particularly in the media. But they raised more questions than answers. The announcement of £300 million for connectivity from the Trans Pennine region to HS2, for example. Not sure this is...

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A people's railway

01 October 2017

Once more I have to pay tribute to the emergency services and the workers across all grades who showed their dedication and responsibility after another terrorist incident aimed at the transport network. We will never be bowed or cowed by such cowardly and dangerous actions but vigilance – and a...

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Tories and the DfT - here we go again

01 September 2017

Well, here we go again. A party that promised electrification of key areas in 2010, and then truncated the proposals to win votes, has done it again: 2015 electrification, 2017 no mention of reduced investment until after elected. The figures for the comparative investment, in particular rail, per head of...

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Trains, Hammond and hypocrisy

01 August 2017

The attacks by the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, on this trade union have sparked a furore in the press and rightful indignation amongst our membership. During a cabinet meeting Mr Hammond said that driving a train is so easy ‘even a woman can do it’. He was slapped down, quite rightly,...

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