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Somewhere up the stairs, into the fire

01 July 2017

It’s been a long month with the run up to the election and, of course, our own parliament, AAD, in Bristol, much of which is covered in the following pages. We have a hung parliament with the Conservatives seeking an alliance, not a coalition, of ‘confidence and supply’ with the...

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We fought hard for everything we have

26 May 2017

This trade union is affiliated to the Labour Party. The decision by members to affiliate, and enshrine it in our rule book, to which every member signs up on application, was a wise one but is not, for some reason, always understood by some members. The Labour Party was founded...

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We know the dangers of over-hours culture

25 April 2017

I have just read the claims that the average employee works 100 hours more than their basic week every year. That bears no relation to anyone I know in our industry – or outside it. There are thousands of people who are working 48 hours or more every week and...

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Representative democracy

01 April 2017

Democracy in its various forms has been a leading topic in recent weeks, whether as a result of recent by-elections in Stoke and Copeland, the sovereignty of Parliament in the Brexit debate, or our own internal and long established, member-driven, rule book-based processes. The recent spin on Stoke and Copeland...

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Stakeholder chickens come home to roost

06 March 2017

At any other time we would be celebrating the fact that, after three decades, the cross-party Transport Select Committee has finally admitted what we have said all along – that rail privatisation doesn’t work. John Major blatantly misled us when he said Europe has told us to privatise our railways...

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