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The last bastion of truth and integrity

01 February 2017

I have never understood the politics of envy but always supported the ethos of aspiration, fairness, dignity and respect. As an organisation we have never subscribed to Margaret Thatcher’s claim that we are a society of individuals but have campaigned on all the issues that impact on us and our...

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In the eye of the storm

01 January 2017

They say it’s peaceful at the eye of the storm but, let me assure you, it’s not. You quickly learn that the media,the government, and some of the public don’t care about the real issues. The media, with one or two interesting exclusions, pander to the rhetoric about nasty unions hurting working people. I am yet to hear many people defend us for standing up not for gain, but for safety, on GTR Southern. And where is the public outcry for 1,116 freight train drivers facing uncertainty at DBC after years of loyal service?

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