Young Members' Representative Committee

ASLEF's Young Members Forum initially ran as a pilot project for 18 months until it was officially made a representative committee at AAD 2018. 

The committee comprises one elected member per district aged 35 or under and its primary roles are to:

  • Examine the barriers to becoming an activist or representative within ASLEF and suggest appropriate ways of overcoming any problems identified.
  • Develop methods of giving support and encouragement for young members to become ASLEF activists and representatives.
  • Encourage young members to become active within the wider labour movement and develop training and support to achieve this amongst young members.
  • Collate data on driver recruitment within the rail industry and actively develop strategies to promote younger recruitment into the driving grade.
  • Engage with the TUC young workers’ forum and ensure that ASLEF policies are given a voice in those structures.



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