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Congratulations Richard Leonard

18 November 2017

Congratulations to Richard Leonard, who was today elected as the next Scottish Labour leader. Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers' union, said: “Richard shares our values and we were proud to support his campaign. He’s a committed trade unionist and recognises that the people of Scotland are...

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ASLEF and Virgin launch driver apprenticeship scheme

15 November 2017

ASLEF joined with Virgin Trains today to announce the launch of the rail industry’s first driver apprenticeship scheme. The scheme, the first to be launched by a train operating company, will develop the train drivers of the future and the youngest train driver in the UK will come from the...

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ASLEF and Southern Railways: Referendum result

08 November 2017

ASLEF drivers have accepted a proposed resolution to the long-running dispute with Southern Railways. The following question was put to our driver members employed by Southern. Do you accept the proposed agreement between GTR and ASLEF?   Yes: 731 [79.1%] No:  193 [20.9%] Turnout: 87.1%   Mick Whelan, general secretary...

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Croydon Tramlink Update

02 November 2017

The ASLEF Executive Committee has given Tram Operations Ltd. notice that our members will strike for 24 hours on Monday Nov 13th and Wednesday December 6th. This is because the company has put into tram cabs a device that shines infra-red light beams into drivers faces, and has insisted on...

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Time to tackle north-south divide with infrastructure drive

01 November 2017

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has urged the Conservative government to invest in Britain’s infrastructure after the independent Industrial Strategy Commission today called on ministers to provide every citizen with decent transport, schools, hospitals and digital access.

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