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The truth about the Tube

03 October 2018

At the time of writing this column, between the Trades Union Congress and the Labour Party conference, we are still in dispute with the Tube. And once more, even though I know the strength of feeling and unity we always get, the solidarity demonstrated has been truly awesome. This has...

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All smoke and mirrors

29 August 2018

Last month Mr Grayling said he was not responsible for running the railway; now he has changed his mind and wants to get involved in areas that have nothing to do with him. You can see the deflection tactics coming; his

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Who's responsible?

30 July 2018

When the Transport Secretary says in Parliament he ‘is not responsible for running the railways’ you know we are in the midst of a crisis. Is it the forced taking over of the East Coast franchise, the failure to deliver infrastructure improvements, and electrification, or the drop in season ticket...

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Grayling's failings

02 July 2018

This month’s Journal captures the essence of your parliament, the annual assembly of delegates, which is at the core of our representative democracy with reps from virtually 50% of our branches commenting and building on existing and future policy. May I take this opportunity to thank all delegates, and visitors,...

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Banners held high

31 May 2018

We can, and always will, strive to do, and be, better and a number of events I have attended recently have brought home that we do not thank our officers and representatives enough. The constant barrage of phone and email communication that impacts on their personal lives shows their dedication...

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