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Vote for the railway

28 November 2019

We are not able, as train drivers who provide a public service, in a 24/7 industry, to celebrate Christmas and New Year fully. But we hope that the security and safety of everyone in this party period is paramount, and that the travelling public takes a moment to think of all those in the railway family doing the...

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Rail's green agenda

30 October 2019

November 2019   Rail and modal shift can help deliver the green agenda pledged at Kyoto and Paris but we need a progressive industrial strategy so, while I applaud the school strikers and Extinction Rebellion, it hurt to have to rebut their attacks on mass transit. Such actions are counter-productive,...

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The benefits of rail

30 September 2019

I have on your behalf spent many hours recently making the case for a greener transport strategy. Lots of groups want to jump on the climate change bandwagon, building on the recent school strikes and rise of Extinction Rebellion, and even long-established pressure groups do not seem to understand the...

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Chaos and confusion

01 September 2019

We have never been in the game of having preferences in contractual negotiations for franchises, even having different standards of industrial relations within certain groups. Our issue is, and always has been, with the model. Never has this been clearer than now, when we might have expected a period of calm after Mr Grayling going and Mr Shapps...

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Williams off track

01 August 2019

August 2019   Keith Williams has been drip feeding the contents of his rail review before the report is actually released but there has been less than enthusiastic support from stakeholders, the travelling public, and politicians across the divide.   The first thing he says we must focus on is punctuality....

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