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A real voice

01 May 2019

We have been preparing for our annual assembly of delegates in Leeds, our annual conference, where nearly half our branches will be represented. It's a time for reflection, debate, critique, and creativity. We look back over our achievements and at the things we could do better; what we might change,...

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Better world for everyone

26 March 2019

We are, and always should be, a campaigning union carrying out the wishes of the membership on workplace issues, standards, health and safety, pay, equality fairness, legal protections and rights. This is on top of hundreds of existing policies on issues, at home and abroad, generated and rightly supported by this trade union over the 139 years of...

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Monty Grayling's Flying Circus

28 February 2019

Travelling around the country attending branches and meetings I notice a mood of increasing uncertainty driven by the shambles this Tory government is inflicting on our industry and our communities with a nonsense Brexit deal that pleases no one – whatever their political perspective.   The latest fiasco saw Chris...

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UK's a laughing stock

30 January 2019

We are the laughing stock of the international railway community. After inventing the railway, and selling our expertise abroad, we now introduce trains with windscreens not suitable to observe signals; trains that cannot operate with technology we were assured was fit for purpose; and trains where the software impacts on...

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New Year Resolutions

19 December 2018

We should always begin a New Year full of renewed hope and energy but it is difficult, this year, having seen how austerity has damaged the lives of so many people. That we have not seen that impact on our members is a tribute to our...

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