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The curfew tolls the knell of passing day

08 September 2020

September 2020   Our thoughts, as they have been continually in recent days, are with the families, friends, colleagues, and all those impacted, by the tragedy at Stonehaven. The untimely deaths of the driver, Brett McCullough, train conductor Donald Dinnie, and passenger Christopher Stuchbury, will live long...

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Heart of recovery

01 August 2020

Heart of recovery   August 2020   Daily I spend most of my time talking about the pandemic, its impact, what we need to do, and arguing about the safest and best ways to deal with the myriad issues that continually crop...

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Mixed messaging

01 July 2020

Things are changing so rapidly during this pandemic I fear some I refer to may have moved on when you read them. One thing, though, is certain – people are still dying and new cases occurring; while we welcome the reduction we have a long way to go.

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Days are confused

01 June 2020

Thank you for all you are doing in these confused and difficult times. It is our duty to keep the lines of communication open for key workers, and the transport of food and medical supplies, for the protection of our communities and nation.   The...

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Rail has delivered

01 May 2020

The importance, nobility, and dignity that we associate with all work has never been more apparent. The stock of those in the frontline of the NHS, those in public services, and those who work in shops and transport has never been higher.   Social care...

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