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Days are confused

01 June 2020

Thank you for all you are doing in these confused and difficult times. It is our duty to keep the lines of communication open for key workers, and the transport of food and medical supplies, for the protection of our communities and nation.   The...

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Rail has delivered

01 May 2020

The importance, nobility, and dignity that we associate with all work has never been more apparent. The stock of those in the frontline of the NHS, those in public services, and those who work in shops and transport has never been higher.   Social care...

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The Railway is Key

01 April 2020

This is not a time to score political points or air our views on the strategy in relation to Covid-19. It is a time to ensure that our country and communities come out on the other side of the current pandemic in the best way possible. It is...

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Why can't we run our own railways?

09 March 2020

Why can't we run our own railways?   A question that has a simple answer. The 1993 Railways Act that caused a quarter century of chaos made it illegal for a UK government to run its own trains. The country that invented the railway is now an example of how not to do it because of governments wedded to outdated neoliberal dogma – private...

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HS2 should go ahead

04 February 2020

I've been reminding people that it was the trade unions that formed the Labour Party and most working men only got the vote because of the women's suffrage movement which removed property requirements for men and allowed women over 30 to vote.   This led to the election of the...

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