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Compulsory face coverings

04 June 2020

At this evening's Coronavirus daily briefing, Grant Shapps, The Secretary of State for Transport, announced that face coverings would be compulsory on public transport in England from Monday 15th June.   ASLEF has welcomed the announcement.    Mick Whelan, general secretary, said: 'This is a sensible step by the Secretary of...

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Backing Britain's teachers: Schools must be safe

27 May 2020

We are calling on the government to put back the reopening of schools in England until the safety of pupils and teachers is ensured.   Mick Whelan, general secretary, says: 'We believe the government's decision to try to reopen schools on 1 June is dangerous and premature.'

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London Underground Service Increase

15 May 2020

As London Underground ramps up services from Monday, ASLEF has advised members of their right to refuse to work in circumstances where they are at risk of serious and imminent danger.   Finn Brennan, ASLEF's organiser on the Underground, said: 'Despite our objections, London Underground has insisted...

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ASLEF Welcomes TfL Bailout

14 May 2020

Mick Whelan, general secretary, has welcomed the news that the government is supporting Transport for London until September.   ASLEF represents most of the Tube train drivers on London Underground.   Mick said: 'A safe and efficient public transport network is vital for the...

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ASLEF in action: ScotRail

13 May 2020

Michael Matheson MSP, Transport Secretary, announced today that ScotRail services will not be increasing from 18 May. This decision – which we welcome – will come as a great relief to passengers and rail staff alike. And is the result of lobbying by ASLEF, the train drivers' trade union.  ...

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