Covid 19 Guidance

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the Executive Committee has been reacting to the rapid developments within our industry, often on a daily basis to provide guidance and protection to ASLEF members whilst carrying out their duties.


We have also produced instructions on the operation and functions of ASLEF to ensure that we continue to provide representation during these difficult times.


These instructions and guidance have been issued as bulletins and will continue to be so.


Along with the bulletins, we have produced a guidance document listing, in full, any updated agreements or best practice regarding staying safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.


This guidance was last updated at 13:00, Friday 3rd July 2020.



1. Key principles

2. Terms and conditions

3. Preparation for work

4. Operating trains

5. Driver training

6. Other duties

7. Personal protection

8. Diagramming and rostering

9. Facilities

10. Travelling as a part of your duties

11. ASLEF Organising



Additional Links and Further Information


Rail Industry Coronavirus Joint Forum: Updated Guidance and principles on social distancing for train operators (2 July 2020)



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