Preparation for work

1) Arriving at work

You should be aware of others as you arrive at your depot and maintain social distancing measures at all times. If your depot is contained within a station, there will be an increased risk from passengers and other members of staff.


We advise that best practice is:


a) For stations to be organised in line with the expected passenger flow and with government guidance on social distancing measures including:

i) allowing for managed traffic flow

ii) marking traffic and queuing areas for easy identification


b) Passenger queuing should be kept to an absolute minimum. Where this is not possible then queues should:

i) not obstruct passenger flow

ii) and adhere to social distancing measures


c) Staff are to be allocated designated station entry and exit points to avoid contact with members of the public where possible.


d) Staff should have their own walking route to their booking on point (where possible), organised in line with social distancing measures.



2) Booking on for duty

Booking on points will be the first time (for most of our members) where they will come into contact with other people. Therefore, remote booking on via tablet PC or mobile phone is the preferred option (if provided by the company and agreements are in place).


In this respect we advise that best practice is:

a) That the company should make arrangements for any diagrams, notices or documents to be made available to our members prior to working their train in a format agreed by our negotiators.


Where remote booking on is not possible we advise that best practice is:

a)  Booking on times should be staggered to allow for appropriate social distancing measures to be practiced.

b)  Booking on points should have clear social distancing markings

c)  Local guidance for the use of booking on points should be agreed depending on the size and facilities available


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