Driver Training

1) General
For the period of COVID-19 restrictions and in light of the developments surrounding increased service levels and in line with Executive Committee resolution 623/489, other than training packages that have been previously rejected, judgement as to the validity of any application for training will be left to our negotiators with the exception of:

a) Training packages associated with a type of traction that is currently unacceptable to ASLEF or is undergoing a review.
Any agreed recommencement of training must:

a) adhere to the principles contained in the RICF document 'COVID-19 Additional Measures Driver Training Competence Development' which can be found on the ASLEF website

b) be reviewed on a regular basis by our representatives


Any agreed training may be withdrawn if:

a) Government or RICF advice changes,

b) Instructed by the Executive Committee or,

c) Company hygiene and social distancing measures are not being met to the satisfaction of negotiators

d) A review of training highlights a safety issue


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