Driver Training

1) General
For the period of COVID-19 restrictions and in light of the developments surrounding increased service levels and in line with Executive Committee resolution 623/489, other than training packages that have been previously rejected, judgement as to the validity of any application for training will be left to our negotiators with the exception of:

a) Training packages associated with a type of traction that is currently unacceptable to ASLEF or is undergoing a review.
Any agreed recommencement of training must:

a) adhere to the principles contained in the agreed RICF documents on Driver Training.

b) be reviewed on a regular basis by our representatives


Any agreed training may be withdrawn if:

a) Government or RICF advice changes,

b) instructed by the Executive Committee or,

c) a review of training highlights a safety issue.



2) Route learning

a) Route learning solely via online resources or DVD is not permitted, however this method can be used to supplement 'physical' learning and only where agreed with our negotiators.

b) Members should be allowed to undertake a full 'physical' route learning program in line with company agreements when it is agreed as safe to do so.



3) Route refreshing

a) Route refreshing solely via online resources or DVD is permitted temporarily and only where agreed with our negotiators.


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