Other duties

1) Alternative drivers' duties
We advise that in case of cancelled driver training, or where our members have no essential driving duties to undertake they should be away from the workplace and at home in line with government advice.
2) Medicals
If the guidance in this section cannot be achieved, then the member should be stood down as the safest option.


We advise that best practice is: 

a) The instances of when our members are required to physically attend a medical appointment for any reason should be kept to an absolute minimum.

b) That virtual consultations should always be considered as an alternative to physical appointments in the first instance.

c) Where periodic medicals are due, and where there is no apparent medical or clinical need, then TOC’s and FOC’s should carry out an individual risk assessment in line with ORR guidance and (if necessary) allow the usual periodic timescales to lapse so the driver can continue driving duties until such time as circumstances allow. 

d) In line with the NHS suspension of community (non-emergency) Physiotherapy, then attendance at TOC/FOC Occupational Health Physiotherapy referrals by drivers should not take place. 


Where there is a medical or clinical need to attend an appointment for any of the reasons outlined above in person then negotiators should ensure the following: -

a) That the medical facility complies with ASLEF, Industry and Government guidelines on social distancing and personal hygiene.

b) That use of the medical facility is regularly reviewed by representatives.

c) That the distance our members are required to travel to appointments is kept to an absolute minimum.

d) That individual cases are assessed prior to the appointment to ensure that this is appropriate and necessary.

3) Attendance at Coroners Courts, BTP interviews and RAIB etc
Attendance at Coroners Courts, BTP interviews, RAIB interviews and any Public Inquiry should only take place if absolutely necessary and conducted in line with Government advice on social distancing.


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