1) General
Negotiators and representatives should ensure that regular reviews of facilities are carried out to assess the number of personnel using them at any given time. This is especially important when dealing with increases in service delivery which will ultimately increase the number of staff at our depots and PNB points, including staff from other operators.
2) Common staff areas
If you are required to use common staff areas like messrooms or PNB points as a part of your duties, you are advised to take personal precautions on hygiene and social distancing in line with government advice. These should not preclude you from using these facilities unless these precautions cannot be met.
We advise that best practice is:
a) To limit the number of members using these areas to the absolute minimum according to the train plan in operation.
b) Common staff areas should provide for adequate space for our members to apply hygiene and social distancing measures.
c) Where there is not enough space to apply these measures then alternative arrangements should be made including being sent home without loss of pay.
d) Removal of 'unnecessary' furniture from messrooms and PNB points etc to ensure that social distancing measures are met.
e) Using hazard tape to outline social distancing limits in common staff areas, including booking on points and mess rooms.
3) The use of toilets at depots or PNB points
Health and safety legislation should already be employed in workplaces prior to COVID-19 to provide enough hand basins, urinals and water closets for our members to use.
We also have a reduced service currently in place and attendance at work is kept to a minimum, so we do not envisage an immediate issue with the provision and use of these facilities.
Regular cleaning should already be taking place, but this should be reviewed as the train service is increased and members return to work.
We advise that best practice is to:
a) Assess the maximum people who can safely use facilities at any one timein line with government advice on social distancing and personal hygiene.
b) Introduce procedures to enforce that maximum where possible.
c) Secure the provision of additional facilities for the use of staff where available.
d) Prioritise the use of toilet facilities by those members working trains byhaving a designated facility where possible.
Note: Negotiators and representatives should ensure that regular reviews of these facilities are carried out to assess the number of personnel using them including staff from other operators.
4) Use of toilets on trains and stations
a) Avoid using on-train or station toilets that are open to the public unless it is absolutely necessary.
b)  If this is unavoidable then:
i)  Wipe down any surfaces that will be used.
ii)  Wash your hands immediately before and after use.
5) Air-conditioning

We have updated our guidance on air-conditioning after receiving industry advice. This has been circularised to representatives in circular 265/2020.


This advice is generic and should be digested and applied as necessary taking into account each traction type and methods of operation of each TOC and FOC.


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