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Government must explain rail budget cut

04 December 2020

ASLEF, has called for the government to come clean about its plans to rebuild Britain after it was revealed that it has slashed £1 billion from its infrastructure budget.   Mick Whelan, ASLEF's general secretary, said: 'We have learned today that the government has cut £1...

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Nominate for Health and Safety Award

01 December 2020

The TUC union health and safety specialists group is urging one final push for Hilda Palmer's nomination as the SHP (Safety and Health Practitioners) journal's Most Influential Person Award. The award is for the individual who has had the biggest,...

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Trauma and Hidden Disability - Disability History Month

29 November 2020

UK Disability History Month runs from 18th November to 18th December 2020. ASLEF is marking the month with a series of blogs from members of our Disabled members forum, sharing their experiences of disability in the workplace. Disabled members forum District 5 representative Ian...

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Eurostar: Government Must Act

26 November 2020

ASLEF, has called for the government to intervene to prevent Eurostar going to the wall. The move comes after the company admitted it is 'fighting for survival'.   Mick Whelan, ASLEF's general secretary, said: 'Boris Johnson, Grant Shapps, and the rest of the Tory Cabinet must act now...

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Zero Covid Campaign

25 November 2020

ASLEF has recently affiliated to the Zero Covid Campaign. This campaign, whose supporters also include Independent Sage and Greater Manchester Hazards Centre, is demanding that the UK government adopts a Zero Covid strategy to eliminate, prevent, and quickly staunch further cases.

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