North East Metro Operations Ltd: Ballot

NORTH EAST METRO OPERATIONS LTD: notice of ballot for industrial action withdrawn


Further to Head Office Circular 513/2019. Please be advised that the executive committee has given consideration to a report from the general secretary in respect of the ballot for industrial action initiated in EC resolution 1305/487. Following legal challenges, and on advice from our lawyers, the notice of ballot sent to management on 23 October 2019 has now been withdrawn. Further to the advice in Head Office Circular 617/2019, members are again reminded to work as normal. The EC will be considering the matter further and you will be advised of any developments as soon as is practicable.

Yours fraternally

Mick Whelan

General secretary



Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, today paid tribute to those who died – and were injured – in the Hatfield rail crash 19 years ago.

Four people died, and more than 70 people were injured, when a GNER InterCity 225 travelling from London to Leeds was derailed, just south of Hatfield station in Hertfordshire, on 17 October 2000.

Mick said: ‘Hatfield exposed the serious shortcomings of the privatised infrastructure company Railtrack. The subsequent inquiry revealed that the company – which put profit before safety – had failed in its duty of care to passengers and workers. As some people talk about privatising Network Rail - and reforming the rail industry - we should reflect on what that means and where it goes.

'Private companies put profit – and their dividends to shareholders –before safety and take short cuts which result in accidents, injuries and deaths. In a safety-critical industry there is no room for a company, or chief executive, who wants his managers to take short cuts at the expense of fare-paying passengers, and those of us who work in the industry, and put safety, delivery, and public service first.’

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Rail fare rises 2020

01 January 2020

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers’ trade union, said today, on the eve of another roound of rail fare price rises: ‘Once again the privatised train companies are telling passengers to pay more...

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Williams Rail Review

26 February 2019

At 7pm tonight, Keith Williams, chair of the rail review ordered by Chris Grayling, will say: ‘I have heard a great deal about the franchising model….driving growth in passengers and...

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ASLEF calls on councils to rule out car park tax

22 February 2019

ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has urged councils to rule out introducing a car parking tax which would penalise hard-pressed working men and women.   Kevin Lindsay, the union’s organiser in Scotland, said: ‘It is absolutely outrageous that councils are considering taxing people for turning up to work!  ...

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ASLEF and Police appeal for information after attack on driver

04 February 2019

Mick Whelan, general secretary of ASLEF, the train drivers' union, has asked witnesses to come forward after a Tube driver was assaulted on the Jubilee line.   'This was a vicious attack on one of our members who was doing his job as a train operator on London Underground, providing...

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Clapham rail crash

07 December 2018

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Clapham rail crash when three trains collided in south London at 8.13 on Monday 12 December 1988. Thirty-five men and women lost their lives and another 484 were injured. Two of those who died were ASLEF members: driver John Rolls and driver...

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