International Policy

ASLEF exists to promote the interests of its members – and increasingly that means lobbying and seeking influence across national boundaries. Rail – both passenger and freight – is not longer a national concern. It is an international enterprise both in terms of destinations and ownership.

We need to be part of international trade union organisations equipped to make representations to European and global bodies who regulate or legislate about transport. It is in our interests to exchange business information, knowledge about conditions of service and details of service standards. That is why we are affiliated to bodies like the International Transport Workers' Federation, the European Transport Workers' Federation and the International Centre for Trade Union Rights.

In broader terms, ASLEF is proud of its internationalist outlook. If working people seek our aid or assistance, our collective inclination is to offer them our solidarity - regardless of colour, creed, sex  - or nationality. That is why we have identified ourselves with the struggles of the people of Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela and Palestine.

We tend to feature one international solidarity campaign on the front page of our website not because we feel it is the most important, but that its needs are more pressing at any given time.

ASLEF believes that no free and progressive country can exist in a world of repression. Please click on the links below to find out more information on our international work.

International Transport Workers Federation

European Transport Workers Federation

Amnesty International

Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Hands Off Venezuela

International centre for Trade Union Rights

Justice for Colombia

Palestine Solidarity Campaign


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