International Transport Workers Federation

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) is a global organisation. It is a federation of 624 transport trade unions, one of which is ASLEF, representing around 5 million workers in 142 countries.

The ITF was founded in 1896 in London by European seafarers' and dockers' union leaders who realised the need to organise internationally against strike breakers. Today the ITF organises workers in ships, ports, railways, road freight and passenger transport, inland waterways, fisheries, tourism and civil aviation.

Apart from its London headquarters, it has offices in Nairobi, Ouagadougou, Tokyo, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Georgetown, Moscow and Brussels.
The objectives of the ITF are:

  • to promote respect for trade union and human rights worldwide
  • to work for peace based on social justice and economic progress
  • to help its affiliated unions defend the interests of their members
  • to provide research and information services to its affiliates
  • to provide general assistance to transport workers in difficulty

For more information on the ITF and its campaigns visit their website


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