Justice for Colombia

Justice for Colombia (JFC) is a coalition of British organisations working in support of the Colombian people and trade union movement in their campaign for basic human rights and their struggle for peace with social justice.

It was established in 2002 to develop a coordinated response to the appalling human rights crisis in Colombia and the abuses perpetrated against trade union members in particular. In that year alone 184 trade unionists were assassinated and Colombia remains the most dangerous place in the world to be a trade unionist.

ASLEF is joined in its affiliation by the UK Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the two main Colombian trade union federations. JFC works not only with trade unions, but also with other social sectors in Colombia and Britain including human rights, developmental and environmental NGOs, student groups, women's and peasant organisations, parliamentarians and the peace movement.


For more information about JFC visit their website


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