Women's Equality

The women's representative committee constantly strives to increase the number of female drivers. They played an active role in the research of the On Track with Diversity report.


The committee has links with Inspiring Women, a charity which aims to inspire young women and raise their aspirations. Much of their work centers around breaking down gender stereotypes within employment and some of the committee members have visited schools to talk about being a train driver. /itfinspiringwomen.wordpress.com


The committee also works with Women in Rail, an organisation which raises awareness of the benefits of working in the rail industry as well as providing support to women already work in in the industry. womeninrail.org/interviews


ASLEF sends a delegation to the TUC women's conference every year. Motions have been submitted on a range of topics including women as the perpetrators of domestic violence, railway cuts, abortion rights and transport poverty.


Female members also participate in the women's structures of the ITF and ETF attending conferences and seminars when required. The WRC also show international solidarity with women of the world through organisations such as Justice for Colombia, Beyond FGM and the Greek Solidarity Campaign.

Articles Per Page:

Menopause In The Workplace

21 February 2020

The rail industry as a whole is still very much male dominated and with only 6.5% of the driving grade being women it is easy for women's issues to be forgotten in the workplace.  The ASLEF Women's Committee believes that one of these issues is the menopause and they recently...

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