LGBT+ Equality

The LGBT+ Representative Committee is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, non-binary and gender non-conforming members.

Homophobic bullying and harassment is still an important issue for the committee and they provide a very useful support to members who may be experiencing such problems. It is recognised that many of our lesbian and gay members may not be "out" at work and the committee provides a confidential mailing list for members who may wish to receive information. It is hoped that the existence of the committee will give some members the confidence to "come out" to their work mates without the fear of harassment or bullying taking place.

The LGBT+ Representative Committees aims and objectives are:

  • The LGBT+ Representative Committee aims to represent the interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered members of ASLEF and underlines the fundamental belief of this trade union that everyone has the right to be treated fairly and with respect.
  • We are opposed to all forms of harassment, bullying and victimisation and are committed to achieving a workplace free from such practices.
  • We will strive to eradicate prejudice and discrimination.
  • We aim to achieve change through education and to offer advice, information and support to all members in confidence.

The confidential mailing list for LGBT members is a way of getting information out about matters of interest to those members. The mailing list is held by the Equalities Advisor at ASLEF Head Office and promises complete confidentiality to all those on the list. Mailings go out periodically and advises LGBT+ members of events and information that may be of use to them. You do not need to be 'out' at work to go on to the mailing list. If you want to add your details contact Head Office on 0207 324 2400 or by email.

ASLEF sends a delegation to the TUC LGBT Conference. Motions have been submitted in recent years on a range of topics including same sex domestic violence, survivor pensions, LGBT youth homelessness and cervical cancer screening in lesbians.

An ASLEF LGBT+ delegation attends Pride events every year and the ASLEF LGBT banner can be seen in the parades around the country.


Useful Addresses

Galop - Support for LGBT people experiencing domestic violence. Helpline: 0800 999 5428 Website:

Stonewall - National campaigning organisation for LGB people. Tel: 0207 881 9440

Press for Change - Organisation campaigning for equal rights for transgendered people. Email:  

The Gender Trust - UK charity helping adults who are transexuals. Tel: 01273 234 024 

Mermaids - Support group for children and teenagers with gender identity issues. Helpline: 07020 935 066

Terrance Higgins Trust - Charity offering support on HIV and AIDS, Tel: 0845 1221 200 Email:


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