The legal aid network

The ASLEF free legal advice service is run by Thompsons' fully unionised call centre.


Thompsons established a call centre over five years ago. Now, known as Trade Union Call Handling (TUCH), it handles over 33,000 calls each year giving advice on everything from the consequences of relationship breakdown, neighbour disputes, consumer and family law problems.


TUCH will ask for your ASLEF membership number (NI number) when you call in.


The call centre uses the latest information technology to ensure that the calls coming in can be answered quickly and efficiently. The call is initially answered by an operator who will normally arrange to send a form out, so that details and relevant copy documents can be returned for careful consideration. This helps identify what kind of advice is required and the member can be referred to an advice worker available to listen and help. All Thompsons advisers have access to both on line advice sources and a full legal library if they need it.


Often, problems can't be answered immediately and the advisers will carry out research and call people back, at their convenience.


Sometimes a query may be one that regularly gets raised with TUCH and if it is there are a series of fact sheets that are available to send out to members.


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